[Megami soft]I'm with the empty fox's daily plus the perfect version[Live2D][Chinese version]

This game is in18will be on sale in the yearA,The shrine has been introduced before,However, it has been updated several times,And now Chinese version has been added。
The game is live2D all the way,And a variety of animation CG to join,Actually, it's pretty good,It's worth playing with
Keep a fox lady,Every day is a honeymoon。All in all, it's cute!
The game is a world of "communication between players and empty foxes" dotted with wind and wind。 Continue reading

[Apatite] 異 the world's TS 転 チ なし!? The クエス はえっちなも が more than くて 変です

Since everyone likes the world,Then recommend a new work this month。
Unfortunately, it's in Japanese,It's a little hard to play if you don't understand。But fast forward to see CG dubbing is also good,I feel like the music is okay,
After crossing, the male master becomes an elf girl,Surprise? Does the hedgehog not stimulate?
Introduction to the plot:
One day,I was killed by a truck suddenly。And it's like a goddess's mistake。
Unable to return to the original body,As an apology,The goddess brought me into a different world。
Wait tying me back,I've been reincarnate into an elf family。But...... Why does gender become a girl! Continue reading

[スミレ] Day to day to が続 things [In / Japanese / English]

Update it a bit.,The game was originally released on March 26,Now it's Chinese and English again。
Everyone seems to like this work very much,So I pulled the previous post back。
It is said that foreign English netizens said,The translator is very poor,If you don't feel good, you can't play。I don't know who the translator is anyway。

Three years in the house of wine,Because it's still a virgin who's been joked about by his boss and colleagues,
So "day to a thousand" proposed:"So do you want to do it with me now?"
"Think of you as a fool just because you're a virgin.",Unforgivable! Let me help you get out of here,So you can lift your chest and go to work from tomorrow。” Continue reading

[Kun-Kun or Empire] Welcome to the exotic world(NPC rape)

Very interesting peer games,Although the production did not have a father to educate his daughter that high-tech。But there is still innovation in the plot,
The man crossed the world of the game from the modern era,Then I saw the female NPC repeat a word,Whatever you do with NPC will only say the same thing,
The man began his journey of ghost animals,Older women and men can't turn on options,Is it discrimination against men and old people? Continue reading

[セイナカイ] Raise a daughter!Arrogant adoptive daughter is dad's toy

This game is a lot of fun.,Although it's an RPG game,,But actually did some simple animation CG,Experience improves a lot at once。
<Yukio.>And remarried to the object of the adolescent adopted daughter<Duko>It's not good。
Day、Fortunately, Taro happened to be stealing his own money when he bumped into his adopted daughter。
The gentle guidance of the adopted daughter of the lucky Taro was scolded by the adopted daughter was confused,A brain Continue reading

[Apatite] Black Gal's Dirty Technique on the Train - I Was Targeted By A Game - (Middle / Japanese / English)

Last year's 个 work,In过现 chinese version of the Non-Japanese。给 the errhension of the 还 the great 错 imperative。Similar 乎 Ariyasu Table Edition,The death of 找 will。
Supporting Syn-Japanese-English subtitles,One 讲 group 黑 the main 车 sister 惩罚 戏,a maga-500-year-old man Continue reading

[BBQ is a great き] Squeezing the devil sauce of the five-day inch stop game - the last day of the loss will usher in a tragic end Oh

The player plays a cute demon(Yaslanlia)An adventurer who has signed a contract,as a price to gain strength。Give your energy to the devil every day。And even if the adventurer is strong,High-intensity extraction every day is also unbearable。Adventurers' yields are also getting thinner... And that's when it came,In front of them appeared an energetic black warrior(Bob)...
The trio made a bet,Within five days,Who wins in the Demons' supervised game,Who can be the devil's deed,And the loser will suffer a terrible punishment。 Continue reading