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A 3D game,也可以说是3D互动视频动画,4- Female Square Color Shared。
The head of the woman who is not the same as the root-minded capture。One point of taste。
However, the end of the book of use on the free-living PC,哈哈,A good-for-the-other version,
Displeasure pc can be directly taken care of。 Continue reading

[Elithheart[You're sa.]] You'd sage. — Legend of Ogre Buster —

This game has come out of the Three Chinese,Unfortunately, I only got the English/Japanese version.。
This game is also a cross-board pass game,But unlike the others,,The other game is a one-on-one monster crack.,
But here's when the passing monster sees the fallen woman.,Join to turn on multi-P mode automatically
The game is still pretty hard to play.,The attack is a little close.,It's easy to die.。
If anyone has Chinese version can also send me a copy,But I think it should just be menu Hanhua,Content dialogue estimate or Japanese,It's like the one I've got on the switch for English.,It's just a menu change.,Scene-to-white still Japanese Continue reading

[You know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know] LastIsland [Chinese version/ Japanese/English][PC/MAC]

The fox muffler doujinsha last year production one,In support of the chinese text,Japanese,English。
A worldwide RPG,Screen 3D,However, this is not a good picture.,Large in the earth,4G-Resolution 8G Many,Also includes PC and MAC-supported installation packages,The reason unnecessary bearer one-child's resignation。
The characteristic seiwako is acceptable.,Good sensitivity,And then we'll fight together.,Or you can invite her into the room and crack.。
Meta and NPC can be self-determining personality harmony CV voice sound
The game's stickers can be made with PS,So it can be changed into whatever clothes you want。
100 multi-weapon inward,Naturally, the monster attack attack,Yakai Monster。
More details landlordself-digging Continue reading

[SukeraSomero] Pushing love, love, a lifetime, a lifetime, a love, a lifetime. [Chinese/Japanese/English]

Named for the launch of "Juliamo-amrilata Lingvo-" and "Nine-Paragraph Urban Legends"
Sister brand of Lily game brand "Sukera Sparo"。
This game supports Japanese·English·Chinese (traditional)·Chinese Simplified! Global Sync Launch!!
There's no male role in this work.,Pure 100 co-operatives,Official Hanhua Continue reading

[Etching Edge] The Fangs of the Eating Cell

A new person of the thrust
The World of Salvation,The world of the invasion of 'Fang'
The majority of people's cause 'fang' release evil,and turn into an ugly monster or a fallen ghost.
Sister Mass,Traveling the world to find a "broken tooth",Breaking the teeth in the human body,and head towards the cathedral.。 Continue reading

[LY-RAW][BDRIP][The emptiness of the edge][No repair][Yosuga_no_Sora]Attached Games(Body + hatching)/Oto-Ban-an(12CD)/Benefits/Subtitles

Daegu Shugo,Complete the Basics of the Collection。The Good Fortune of the Party of the Bodhisates,Ayu-tei-tei Continue reading

[Yosino] MONSTER 01 02 03

Yosino's Orc Series 1-3 Set,Actually, it's out of the 4.,But no one has yet purchased the release.。Update it next time.。
Took a look at,The works are very curious.,The usual yosino's thriller wind,
But this time it feels a little more artistic? Oil Painting Style 3D Animation
Give everyone an answer to a question that the game won't open.,First of all, it is not recommended to use Thunderbolt,Thunderbolt will have a default check when downloading the game,
and then you lose a lot of files when you download the game.,Then the installation failed,Unable to open,So be sure to choose all.。
Recently,A security software is always sneaking my utorrent.exe startup file to the quarantine area,I don't know what the grumiesmmes are with these two softwares.
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