[Casket.] あや Yu Guo , Hua Quxuan, マビエ Min 譚 ( with the first 2 works)

The game is mainly about the male master encountering monsters in the mountains.,So I indulged in the world of monsters.。(Yu Guo is Qinglou.),Selling body type)
The club has two previous works.,The style of painting is the same.,The plot is also this type of monster.,One is a monster that becomes a woman.,Another is the puppet monster night.?
It always feels like the club is deliberately tearing apart three games.,Then each woman sells a separate copy.,It's really going to make money. Continue reading

[No.N Honpo] The 魄 of The Soul, the Youmu, and the Cave of the Youkai (Medium/English/Day)

说实话这 戏 good-natured,CG 动态,a large and multi-animal,The sound distribution of the 优 woman,There is 过 no need for 紧,a 图规 of 还 earth,
The go-们 of the late 梦跑 yooooo,The surprising 观剑 is a 剑 丢.,Sudden recall of sudden self-premedious 树 calmness,
The 60th anniversary of the pleasantly 们击♂剑♂-in-the-village monster。(开个 toy lol),Unrelened 伪 Daughter)
Is 过 a 梦怎么 chest 这么 the Society of 呢? The desk 个飞 Ming 场
English-Japanese-Naka-Bunto Continue reading

[Trois (トロワ)]Summer とプ - ルとイソギンチャク milk わたし milk にされちゃった? - . . .

Heroine·Pear is an ordinary girl who feels that her breasts are too small and upset.。
One day,When she accidentally came to the pool pump room.,Strange creatures were found.·イソ Jun.。
Then,She developed some interest in the tentacles of strange creatures.。
curious her.,Lift up your bathing suit.,Want to "try" it.。 Continue reading

[Of the ~ sutoraiku] Women's wear gods. (In / Japanese / English)

Women's Millennium Kingdom,Before it was.Women's Wear Shrine,It's a womenswear myth now.。
And support the words of china, Chinese and Britain.,The plot seems to take on the former women's shrine.,Then a few roles were added to the original basis.。The role of the previous work cannot be used in this play.。
The new God negated the love affair between the man and the pseudo-girl.,So the mythological system of women's clothing began to fight. Continue reading

[I'm カイ ケ.] Amber ハ タ.

The original game that helped her animate 2 days ago.。Personal feeling game version of the people set.,Not yet an animated version.。
Made a gal words.,It feels like it's almost like it',After all, the main character is this setting.,It would be better if it were RPG.,Is the money all in the animation?
The world view is set to waste the earth world.,So everyone is a fertility sect.,So in broad daylight, multi-person movements are normal. Continue reading

[Mao Crab Laboratory] Welcome to the H Tavern

个经营类 SLG Yu戏,债 为 lack of factor。须经营 family H sake 馆 must be a male master of japanese woman,Each 种 of cooking kimono served务。
Painting landscape 还-friendly.,Yu戏 screen kore-point简单,However, 为 赚钱绿 还 the lord of the woman, 很 the principal is significant. Continue reading

[かえるそふと.] Nowが えてきた the を of で girls する を た.。

Look at the cover photo.,A whiff of perverts came to the fore.。
The man is Lori.,After being rejected 108 times in a confession to Lori.,Finally recognized the reality.,Find a peer to get married.。
The lord is bound to remarry.,And he has two daughters.,Of course,The other look son of Lori in the cover looks like Alori.,It's actually the wife's sister.。After all, there is a group of people in Japan who do not look tall.。
EMOTE technology is still used in this work.,That's like live2D.,It's the characters that are moving.。
Some people should like this subject matter.,But if you can't speak Japanese.,You can't play the essence of the game.,But it's pretty good to see the CG.。 Continue reading

[evoLL.] ガバたじ h-え で? Note the text お ですか.

Unusual introduction.:3 giant milk pytheliac pools at the burger joint.,In order to find a working guy.,Seduce the male master to work.,
The male master for his own back palace.,Steal inge-learning experience strategies everywhere.,Save the soon-to-be-defunct burger joint.。
There are a variety of hamburger shops in Japan.,The name is also very casual.,A fancy small restaurant with a quirky decoration.。
I'm impressed with a family.,It's a long, thick cement nail stuck in the middle of a burger for you.。
Although strange.,But it's practical.,At least don't worry about eating the middle meat and vegetables run off. Continue reading