[DESSERT Soft] God's God's Return to the Spirit's Tail, the Chronicle son of the Zodiac God

Somewhere in the Japanese countryside.,There's a shrine that sacrificed the zodiac.。
The name of the shrine is,Tianministry Shrine。
The street of the gods is called,Tianministry Town。
The youth who live there - The heavens fall,Have an unknown magical power.。
Autumn Cheng can understand the language of animals。
He likes animals and he uses this power.,Live a happy every day。

But on such a smooth day,But one day it came to an abrupt end。
A mysterious stone plate of autumn was stumbled upon in the shrine warehouse on this day.,Unconcernedly, when you set the beads in your hands into the stone plate,,Heterogeneous sudden-onshimonate
The zodiac statue in the shrine suddenly disappeared.。
Instead,Appearing in the eyes of Autumn Cheng is the self-proclaimed God of the Zodiac.,Twelve girls
That's it,Autumn and girls wonderfully live together,It kicked off.。 Continue reading

[C-Laboratory] It's wonderful.

2D action RPG that can be played with just mouse operation。The style of painting is good.,The blow sense does a good job.。
Female students at Knight School,Hiela-Lanchel(Nickname:Lesbian)
One day.,An accident occurred in a cave visited during a field test,
Lost in the vast maze of depths of the ground。There are a lot of dirty traps set...。
As long as you're not beaten by monsters.,Teenage girls don't have problems.,That's it。 Continue reading

[Serre] Aircraft Awakening - Gireren and the Crimson Labyrinth

What's not to do?,First place in copper refining。One-time, Sona-ki-tei? Naga Susumu to Japan,Toto-Korelegal。
"Girl's End Trip",Zhao Yako 2。
The story is mainly about,Future desk equipment Japanese people difference not,Tatadato Takawa Desk Instrument,Inaba-shin-in-dai-no-jin-to-an。
Kore desk instrument scholar wearing desk assistant 2 sister child,Departure Noh desk instrument man awakening shaanxi。A desk instrument Noh Reiko? A desk?
Two-person mind-to-heart thrust。Attack on the Demons,Aoi-dye-Kami-an。Arose-dyeing refuge in the shadow-colored line-up,But,Super-constant ratio of the association received H attack。
Tsubaki Murako-like Exhibition、Desk-like ization、Sou-sorization、Technical studies、Aoi element、Desk-to-desk, etc. Continue reading

[SPLUSH WAVE] Ryuo-chan's Ambition Full Version

The 17th year of the season, the first round of the weather,However, it is a bunch of recently updated tsubo,Complete lying version。Ichishita-ko shumata,"Ashi-Ryo-shu。
The Association of Corporations,Ichigo Ryo 3rd Order,"Dragon King's Ambition" Japanese "Ryuo-chan's Ambition Power-Up Kit",
c97 New Complete Edition,Added 4 Ji-an,Pursuit of the Ground,Add-new sister child。
The world's main SLG,Aman-jin-ka-i-i-no-yi-no-kyo-no-yo,Joining。The Other Nation Continue reading

[BouSoft] Night Road

A simple game to protect cassava trees from upcoming enemies。Get a high score!
A total of 25 weapons appear.。It's mainly guns.。You can use the points in the game to release it。
You can take your clothes off separately.,Please note that,The enemy doesn't have a cracking function.
Please don't expect adult elements。This game is another work.NightChristmas by-products。The original is more fun,Horror Game Continue reading

[Happy Lamb Barn] Lost Life Chinese v1.12

The Very Good Atmosphere,I just saw it today.,Play a little feel very good strongly recommended everyone also play,
The version I'm playing is still version 1.12.,But the game has been updated to version 1.14.,Rich big wigs can go and buy an up-to-date copy.。
This game is Chinese,Japanese,English is available.,So don't worry about not understanding,Just play and recommend it to others as much as I do. Continue reading

[Le:CODE/Sekai Project] WABISABI R18 Chinese Edition

Today's introduction to this game is from Le:CODE Society's Latest Love ADV Game,
This game has the chinese and Japanese Chinese the three words。So you don't have to worry about language.。
The release is all-age.,After purchase go to the official website has R18 patch download。
Of course, the patches are already integrated here.,Meng line painting wind I believe that everyone will like Continue reading

[SPLUSH WAVE] Efugo Nyo Plus DL Ver.2.01

C97-like one-piece,SPLUSH WAVE Co., Ltd. Production FGO Doujin SLG,Yashu Korei,
Recently self-propelled Tsujiyuki Tsujitsu Tsujiya Yes SLG,
Yusei 2020 Yukyo Okuya,The reason is 2020 C98 required for the pre-grant 5.1-year-long weather,Kotsubami,Inaba C96 Wa C97 Todai Ryo-Tei。
The Image of the Statue of the Sen-Sen-Sen-Sen,Hayagami KorejinYamajinkai。Anti-Jonga Kogen-Chu-go-i-Sakyo Big Sight,Unsitia-dwelling demand。
It's equivalent to the author of Naite Motoko.,Shimogojin Shaomen,Kanwa et al.,Female Honko Author Kazu coser, etc.。Ahill-like weathering passer-out of the city,Yu Yu-Gaei,Nohka Yushu-Yu-Sui-Sui-Science,Ship-like museum,Yato-no-Yasu。
Domestic Man Exhibition Koreya Tokore-Exempt,The Death of the Domestic Koman Exhibition。 Continue reading