[Queen Bee] Married woman、Honey and Meat Volume 2[The rules of the month field] (1-2)

[The rules of the month field]Cartoon Reformed Married Woman Series Vol.2,Nozen Tsuji tsuji married woman,The Second Collection of the First Generation
The Beginning of the Old Woman,Kaitei-o-Ya Koreushi,The Sea-tou-to-Tou-jin-kai
Amanic Beat-A-Shing,I don't know if I'm going to overturn
I sense Queen Bee, the hand, the amount of the hand, the amount of the waste, the flash,Or a certain screen color association Continue reading

[Pink pineapple] Annette's Next Door THE ANIMATION

Complete lying comprehension brown skin。A mixed race of people,Are you being exposed?
The Late Things of The Long-Bodhisatal Leap,I haven't seen the original.,If it's a woman coming next door,,
The man got down on his knees and begged her to crack ???
Say the streets of Tokyo,There's a very fashionable woman in this way.,I saw it with my own eyes.,
Very little clothes are worn.,The shoes are very high.,White hair,Brown skin,Clothes a little like Amazon Wonder Woman fashion? Department of Vision Continue reading

[Mary Jane] 2nd, the other daughter.

The animation of this series is quite interesting.,Each episode comes with an mv,
The female master should have no more than 10 lines from start to finish.,But behind it, it's all about the women singing.,Help CV Idol make its debut?。
The main plot of this episode is sudden rain.,and then can't go out in the sports warehouse
Male owners are interested in three women,So he took out a brush to test the endurance of the woman.
No. 1 subbedThere's no plot connection to the second. Continue reading

[Comet companies] Overflow, 6th

The Overflow SeriesEpisode 6th,Plot Connection Episode,Or a sports club?
My sister saw the man and sister made up.,I'm not happy.,decided to show his heart in front of the man(Don't mind spitting)
Then the man was very moved to hear it.,Just play by the window with my sister in the classroom.,
Male master one afternoon sister two rounds in a row,Physical strength is really good.
Continue reading

[Magic Man] The first mating, the first, the other, the other daughter, the first, the girl, the first, the first, the first, the first, the son, the girl, the first, the first, the girl, the first, the girl, the first, the girl, the

I didn't think i'd focus on a different world.[Magic Man]And it's going to come up with this super-sweet script.,
Barely able to catch a little different world style,The plot is pretty interesting.
Introduction to the plot:Because transraciality is also beginning to be a child.,The State has developed the Sub-Assistance System,
Then the elf princess and his teacher were paired.。
The man's grandfather is an orc.,So the ability is very strong. Continue reading

[PoRO petit] Princess LOVE Life! Serious Princess Bulma Lulia - Princess Waisetsu Begging -(1-3)

[Sugar Princess]Company«Original storyAdapted,LOVE LOVE! Episode 3 of the Series。
There are 6 back houses in the game.,3A sister.,1a sister,1A maid.,1A classmate.。
This episode is like a big collection.,Played four roles.,But according to the game's settings,,And another sister didn't show up.,And then the students in this episode appeared。

Episode Plot:Lulia, who is about to embark on a temporary journey home,,Creation and the memory of the eight searches are the top priorities...
Just because I asked eight people who wanted to and who they liked to do what they liked.,She was forced to be in the room of someone she liked...
"This,That's it...... Actually stand in front of the eight search for adults ... I've been..." Continue reading

[If the Iwo-or-] OVA Demon! #1

Original adaptation of GENSHI game Animation,Tell a story about a museum with all kinds of demons.
3 characters in this episode,Twin Demons,Butterflies,And nine-tailed foxes.,
Basically the man doesn't show his face.,The audience is the man's.,First-person animation
There's a 2nd episode next month. Continue reading

[If the Iwo-or-] OVA Opens Day #2 (1-2)

侄女小千开发日记第2话,Due to his father's long-term travel
So He has to live with his uncle every day.,And then there's the wild collar play in this episode.
Personally, i feel that the quality of this animation is very high.,Worth collecting。
There's a lot more behind the comic book.,I don't know if this animation will continue to be updated. Continue reading